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Богословська семінарія св. Юлія

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St julius theological school

Enquiries from other denominations who seek to embrace Holy Orthodoxy.It is imperative for enquiries who desire to be candidates for the ordained ministry within the Orthodox Church to have a period of discernment (regardless of previous clerical status) where the candidate embraces the lay state and lives orthodoxy under the direction of an assigned spiritual father. Furthermore, as the apostolic canons pescribe: the candidate is to be recieved within the Church so that he may be in full Communion via the practice prescribed by the jurisdiction he joins. After the catechetical period which oversees his transition and growth in Holy Orthodoxy: awareness in being well acquainted with practice, rythem and lifestyle within liturgy, scripture, patristics, and iconography as fundamental basics are warranted. Thus, the dean of studies shall make a recommendation to the ordinary (diocesan bishop) for ordination to be considered in accordance with the apostolic criteria prescribed. Holy Orthodoxy is most different in lifestyle, liturgical practice, and theological mindset to the remainder of that which is considered a Christian body especially within the West. Hence, a steady discernment and gradual integration is paramount for all western catechumens desiring to be candidates for Holy Orders in the Orthodox Church!


The purpose of the sacerdotal program has been designed specifically for candidates to Holy Orders and for those who desire to deepen their faith within an advanced theological setting. Furthermore, the course caters for those who may be unable due to various circumstances in committing to full time study and for others who are remote from the precincts – interstate and international students.

The theological course structure has been tailored specifically to meet the needs of the Orthodox Archdiocese of St. Julius (established in 1995AD by the Kiev Patriarchate) under the Ukrainian Orthodox Metropolis of Western Europe and Canada – established as an Autonomous Orthodox Church by the Saintly Hierarch and Patriarch H.H. Volodymyr Romaniuk on the 30th December in 1993AD in agreement with the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate.

The Holy Synod of the Orthodox Archdiocese of St. Julius and Classis – UOA WE –C, has decreed that both enrolments and completion of the theological course is mandatory for all candidates to Holy Orders – Diaconate and Priesthood! In addition, students may be approved for enrolment upon a canonical letter proper to their jurisdiction has been issued via the ruling hierarch.


Registration and tutorial criteria are complimentary!

All online admission exams are to be admitted to the Master of Divinity. The admission test renders a candidate the opportunity in demonstrating basic knowledge regarding encouraged suitability for upcoming theological studies and further progress in specific fields thereof.

If the candidate demonstrates an exceptional disposition in mastering the admission test criteria via a score which exceeds 80% this then shall award the candidate with complimentary access to courses on offer.

All applicants are advised to present/attach the necessary credentials such as High School certificate/Diploma or its equivalent along with any other studies such as undergraduate degrees. These are either forwarded to the archdiocese: archdiocese.st.julius@gmailcom.


This criteria consists of an undertaken guided study, the furnishing of scholarly papers, and a comprehensive examination. Candidates are required to fulfil their obligation in passing online exams. Furthermore, it is mandatory that all students furnish written examinations (minor thesis) and the final exam that shall take the form of an oral examination.


The Priestly Studies Program is designed for candidates to Holy Orders and others interested in advanced theological training who, due to personal circumstances, cannot commit to full time residency.  It is also meant to provide theological coursework tailored for the specific needs of the Orthodox Archdiocese of St. Julius (established in 1995 by the Patriarchate of Kiev) under the Ukranian Orthodox Metropolia of Western Europe and Canada, extablished as Autonomous Orthodox Church by His Holiness Patriarch Volodymir Romaniuk in december 30th 1993, with the agreement of the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Patriarchate of Kiev.  The Holy Synod  of the Orthodox Archdiocese of St. Julius and Classis – UOA WE-C, have directed that enrollment and completion of this program is obligatory for all candidates to the order of Diaconate and of the Priesthood.  Students are accepted from all jurisdictions with the agreement of their individual Hierarchs.  


The registration and tuition for the program is free of charge.  

There is an exam on lineadmission to be admitted to the Master of Divinity. The Admission Test offers the opportunity to demonstrate one’s basic knowledge to begin theological studies. The mastering of the admission test with a score that exceeds 80% will give one the opportunity to access the theological courses for free.  

To apply for admission to the program, please provide evidence of your High School diploma or equivalent, and any undergraduate degrees.  Send the application form with diplomas and degrees to either the the Archdiocese  archidiocese.stjulius@gmail.com  


Distance Learning Component  

This component consists of guided study, the writing of scholarly papers, and a comprehensive exam.  Students are required to pass their exams online.  Students must undergo written exams (mini thesis) and final oral exam. 

Students may obtain the following upon graduation:  

1) Certificate of Completion of the course by the St. Julius Theological School – Distance Learning (for free) 

2) Official Certificate of the Archdiocese of St. Julius at the end of each scholastic year (free)

To subscribe, please send an email to the following address: 1) archdiocese.stjulius@gmail.com or elearning.stjulius@gmail.com attaching the “Application Form” (modulo_iscrizione_seminario_on_line) properly filled in all its parts in english, and that you can download in this page and the required documents (high school diplomas or undergraduate degrees).