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St. Julius Theological Seminary 


Colorado Orthodox Academy

Distance Learning Theological School

Master of Divinity

(Priestly Studies Program)




The Priestly Studies Program is designed for candidates to Holy Orders and others interested in advanced theological training who, due to personal circumstances, cannot commit to full time residency.  It is also meant to provide theological coursework tailored for the specific needs of the Orthodox Archdiocese of St. Julius (established in 1995 by the Patriarchate of Kiev).  The Hierarchs of the Orthodox Archdiocese of St. Julius and Classis have directed that enrollment and completion of this program is obligatory for all candidates to the order of Diaconate and of the Priesthood.  Students are accepted from all jurisdictions with the agreement of their individual Hierarchs.  


The registration and tuition for the program is free of charge.  

There is an exam for admission to the Master of Divinity. The Admission Test offers the opportunity to demonstrate one’s basic knowledge to begin theological studies. The mastering of the admission test with a score that exceeds 80% will give one the opportunity to access the theological courses for free.  The test can be taken 3 times.

To apply for admission to the program, please provide evidence of your High School diploma or equivalent, and any undergraduate degrees.  Send the application form with diplomas and degrees to either the Colorado Orthodox Academy, or the Archdiocese  archidiocese.stjulius@gmail.com.  Acceptance is subject to the Colorado Orthodox Academy.  The COA reserves the right to deny or revoke registration.  


Distance Learning Component  

This component consists of guided study, the writing of scholarly papers, and a comprehensive exam.  Students are required to pass their exams online.  All exams will be considered valid only if the score is above 80%.  Every single examination may be repeated only three times.  If after three tries the student fails each attempt, he must contact his tutor to continue.  

At the end of each week of study, students will be required to take a quiz.  Only by passing the quiz will the student be able to continue with the course, and ultimately take the final.  A certificate of completion will be given after the course is completed.  The certificates will be required in order to take final exams and receive the official certificate for graduation from the Academy.  A score of 80% or higher is needed in order to pass.

Students may obtain the following upon graduation:  

1) Certificate of Completion of the course by the Study Platform in pdf (free);

2) Official Certificate of the Archdiocese of St. Julius (free)

3) Certificate of Theological Academy of Colorado, writing directly to the Academy with a submission of about 30 USD at this address:  

1679 Robb Street

Lakewood, CO 80215



see the following link for the course calendar of the Orthodox Academy Colorado




Students should remember that they must send the free certificate of completion as proof of passing the quizzes if they wish to apply for an official COA certificate.  Note:  Seminarians who have advanced theological training may be exempted from all or part of the Distance Learning component.  This will be decided on a case-by-case basis.  

Heavy emphasis is placed on extensive preparatory reading of assigned texts, and the regular presentation of written assignments when classes are convened on the e-learning platform.  

Together, the Distance Learning component (or approved alternative), and the Short-Residency Component confer the Master of Divinity in Priestly Studies (Mdiv), which satisfies the basic requirements for ordination. 


Small donations can be made by students who so wish ($10 or $20) for the reimbursement of expenses for books obtained free of charge from the platform, or for the reimbursement of stationery.  However no donation is required.  

To subscribe, please send an email to the following address: 1) Colorado Orthodox Accademy, 2) archdiocese.stjulius@gmail.com or elearning.stjulius@gmail.com attaching the “Application Form” (modulo_iscrizione_seminario_on_line) properly filled in all its parts in english, and that you can download in this page and the required documents (high school diplomas or undergraduate degrees). All exams will be considered valid only if the score is above 80%. Every single examination may be repeated only 3 times. In case of no exceedance of the third Test, contact your tutor through the platform or the Archdiocese via Email just been provided (elearning.stjulius@gmail.com).